My journey

I didn’t choose the path my life has taken and I wish that it would have taken another turn but it is what it is. I have long road ahead of me before I can sincerely say that “I am ok”. I created this blog with the hope that it will help me to process what I have been through. I share my story because it needs to be told and if I don’t tell it, it is like I silently agree that what he did to me was ok.

He was my coach and the one I turned to when my life got hard. He exploited his role and manipulative led me in on a seven-year long journey of sexual abuse, threats and rapes.

Today I am 26 and it was about a year ago I decided that I need to process this in order to get my life back. It is a long, hard, emotional journey with more uphill than downhills. I cannot do this on my own and I am forever greatful for my friends who carries me when I dont have the strenght to stand on my own two legs.

I have been raped

I have been sexually assaulted

The hardest part so far on my journey to be ok was to admit just that. I just couldnt say it because if I did it was like accepting it. I have now said it and the next step is to try not to feel guilt.



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