almost worth it

Today is a pretty good dag. Before I started to acknowledge all that has happened to me I was constantly living in a numb state, with that i mean i didnt feel much at all. The true feelings i did have was anger and sadness.  I didnt know that back then but I do now, the bottomless happyness that I experience some days reminds me that it is worth all the hard work.  I want to be able to feel. A life without feelings isn’t worth much. Today I know what true happiness is and that it doesn’t have to be related to any special event or person, it comes from within.  Right here,  right now I am feeling a bubbly childish happiness and I smile.  I write this so that when life really sucks I can remind myself that it is worth it.

Tears needs to be cried in order to make room for a proper smile.



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