I’m not one of those who can hide my feelings

Emotionally screwed up. I’m sick of my feelings not acting in a rational way, they can’t handle the slightest rejection and they hurt unreasonably much. I try to talk with them, understand them and figure out where they belong. I guess I have to accept that I am emotionally handicapped. They make my life complicated, normal everyday situations can for me be a “mountain to climb“. I want to be just me, right here, right now enjoying life but I don’t know how. They control me and make sure that I screw things up. It’s 4 pm, Sunday afternoon and I just want this day to end. I’m gonna go to bed, try to sleep this day out. They say life gets easier, time heals, wounds close and scars fade and I guess that I’ll just have to live through it and hope they know what they’re talking about. Fuck this day.

How am I suppose to handle the obstacles life puts in front of me when I have to use all my energy to leave the old ones behind?

I’m emotionally screwed up and for that I hate you.

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